Coffee Barista

for people who want to know their beans!

Coffee Barista allows you to delve into the world of professional barista training, from the convenience of your own device. Users can learn more about the journey of coffee from bean to cup, understanding how the variety, origin and roast impacts on taste and aroma.

The app also teaches expert skills such as perfecting your grinder setting, making an authentic espresso and creating eye-catching latte art. Common has designed and engineered an iPhone and deluxe iPad version of this insightful app, both featuring rich videos and an engaging user experience that is well informed and easy to follow.



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The knowledge of experienced consultant Paul Meikle-Janney is highly sought after, by people eager to make the perfect cup of coffee.

He advises the whole supply chain, working alongside everyone from roasters to coffee machine manufacturers, and delivering professional barista training to major coffee shop brands as well as small independent cafés. His expertise is in such demand that, until 2011, a CD-based training device had proved hugely popular with those in the industry.

But recognising the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, Paul wanted to develop a more engaging resource, better suited to modern technology interaction. A recommendation from an associate in London led Paul to Yorkshire-based Common. Very quickly the team embraced the brand and set about bringing Paul’s vision of a mobile training app to life.

And so Coffee Barista was born.

Demonstrating an incredible understanding of the user experience, Common created added functionality, animation and videos, to design and engineer an iPhone app that wasn’t just easy to navigate, it looked the part too. The team engineered a deluxe version of the app for iPad too. Maintenance releases for iOS7 have ensured users continue to get optimum functionality from the app, as Apple’s operating system has evolved and new screen sizes have been introduced to the market with the iPhones 5 and 6.

But beyond that, little additional work has been required. Paul comments: “Coffee Barista was well received when it was first launched and its content, aesthetics and infrastructure remain relevant today. It is still a highly usable, fresh product that delivers the insight that users demand and continues to represent our business effectively. It is a resource to be proud of.”